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I am Heidi, your discreet and sweet 20-year-old brunette russian escort Barcelona wanting to be your special somebody. I have a down to earth attitude and I'm always up for meeting new people and exploring new things, life is an adventure. I prefer intricate fun and sexual desires.

I am a passionate and pretty brunette ready for some sensual fun. I derive enjoyment from providing excellent assistance to other's satisfaction. I have a down to earth attitude with a balanced view of the world. I don't sweat the little things, life is not some great opera performance. In other words, I am just real. The simple things in life fulfil me deeply.

I prefer things more physical, like the burn from a gym session or the feel of silk sheets on my bare smooth skin. I love a good workout, my favourite part is getting all hot and sweaty.


Heidi is young russian escort Barcelona girl, nubile, exploratory and you’ll find her open minded stance along with a gorgeous face and fit figure a welcome change to your life! All of the above are obvious reasons for booking her as your dinner date companion.

This Russian beauty is young, but bold, and ready to take risks as she explores and discovers the world in the exciting field of working as a Barcelona escort. She is sweet and has the sort of figure that is essential for anyone who dares call herself a high end paramour. She has beautiful green eyes that seem to see into the soul, and fluently speaks English and Russian.

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